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What are IoT data characteristics in real-world?

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posted Dec 26, 2017 by Anusha B

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1 Answer

0 votes

Having reviewed the real-work perspective of how IoT data is analyzed by over 20 authors, many significant and insightful results have been revealed regarding data characteristics. To have a deeper insight into IoT smart data, patterns must be extracted and the generated data interpreted. Cognitive algorithms will undertake interpretation and matching, much as the human mind would do. Cognitive IoT systems will learn from the data previously generated and will improve when performing repeated tasks. Cognitive computing as as a prosthetic for human cognition by analyzing massive amounts of data and being able to respond to questions humans might have when making certain decisions. Cognitive Iot plays an important role in enabling the extraction of meaningful patterns form the IoT smart data generated.

answer Dec 27, 2017 by Bindhu M