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Oct 31, 2018
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What are the biggest challenges you see with respect to the Internet of Things?

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posted Jan 22 by Latha Shree N

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2 Answers

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We’re leaving the era of traditional mobile telephony and are now moving into an era of networks and connectivity — a networked society on a whole new level. And that requires a new way of standardizing network development because the performance has to be more guaranteed than ever before and because there are huge security implications in creating tunnels between all of these
kinds of devices and all of the clouds on the other side. This network needs to be predictable, programmable, and high performance. It needs to live up to what these applications will require. I think this is the biggest challenge in a very long time for networks. Because the development needs to be multivendor, it’s very, very important that the network protocols are standardized. Therefore, we have to work in a much more industry-driven, standardization-driven, and open atmosphere to make this happen. That is challenging too. And it’s not enough just to have the Internet protocols if you will. That’s just one layer. Below that we need operating systems; we need performance on routers, on base stations; and we need the mobility piece in itself, which is very complex.

answer Jan 23 by Rashmi V
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Adoption of best IoT security Practices:

This will be the key turning point or deciding factor on how our world is going to run in future. There should be defined standards for all IoT enabled products & have to undergo strict security testing which will ensure that data is safe & at the same time we don’t end up like a Judgement day in Terminator. Cyber attacks is increasing , the major concerns from consumer is regarding security of IoT devices. We have to look from bother software & physical side of security. At the same time the device can be hacked through software, all the devices are vulnerable physically also. We are expecting the industry to respond , considering this as the priority and deploy the latest security technologies and adopt security best practices. We can see already few of the government security agencies & organization are collaboratively working on these.

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Shahiba Kabeel

answer Dec 4 by Shahiba Kabeel