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What impacts will the Internet of Things (IoT) have on Agriculture Sector?

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posted May 24, 2017 by Ramesh Bg

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1 Answer

0 votes

IoT Solutions for Agriculture can help farmers become smarter and get better yield.

In India, continuous electricity is a problem and most of the irrigated farming depends on the electricity. Most of the time the farmlands are away from the where the farmers stay.

IoT solution can help farmer remotely start water pumps by just sending sms to the designated number (pump:) based on the electricity status. Not only this, IoT solution sensing soil moisture can indicate when the water needs to be pumped in the farm. Based on soil moisture requirements, water can be released in certain parts of the farm by opening only certain valves of the pump.

IoT Weather stations can give accurate data about the weather conditions like wind speed, wind direction, temperature, moisture, pressure and rain fall so that farmer can make certain critical decisions about the farming cycle.

Thus, IoT can help farmers do precision farming to increase yield.

answer Sep 30, 2017 by Subodh Patil