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What are the primary challenges in IoT adoption?

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posted Mar 8, 2018 by Abhilasha Yadav

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3 Answers

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The biggest question in the minds of IT leaders is—how IoT is different in what it can deliver compared with what they already have in their the IT systems? And the answer lies in their better understanding of IoT systems and widening their traditional views of ‘interconnected systems’.

While the benefit of interconnecting IT systems is clear, many organizations do not see past a world in which the physical assets are also interconnected. This lack of understanding is a major hindrance for organization from even taking the first step toward IoT—which is to understand how IoT will influence their business.

answer Mar 9, 2018 by Chandana L V
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1. Ubiquitous connectivity

Even today, the internet is not available in many areas of the world. This fact is not just relevant to developing countries, but also to several areas in Northern Europe and America where there is no internet coverage. The whole concept of IoT lies on constant and reliable connectivity. Thus, no reliable source of connectivity causes problems in implementing IoT.

2. Security

IoT focuses on connecting more and more devices together. This causes more entry points for malware. Devices that are less expensive have greater risks of getting tampered with. Just focusing on solving technical issues to keep people's data safe is not enough. We must move further than that. A firm trust must be established in the consumer's and business user's mind. Only then will we be able to overcome this hurdle.

3. Interoperability

As many different systems are getting connected through IoT, it has been creating a lot of interoperability challenges. It is becoming difficult to create real cross-domain services that will allow seamless movement of devices and data.

4. Complexity in integration

Today there are multiple platforms, numerous APIs, and protocols available for IoT integration. This causes a confusion around the evolving standards which leads to slow adoption. Slower adoption and unanticipated development resource requirements are causing delays in delivery and additional funding for IoT projects.

5. Evolving architectures and competing standards

As there are a number of competitors in the market today, it is no wonder that there is an ongoing war between these competitors to protect their proprietary systems and set new standards. Every day, multiple standards are evolving based on different requirements determined by device class, power requirements, capabilities, and uses. This presents opportunities for platform vendors to contribute and influence future standards. This causes problems in IoT implementations as too many standards are produced, leading to confusion.

answer Jul 13, 2018 by Manohar Parakh
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IoT Risks And Challenges:

Security and Privacy:
Security is an essential pillar of the Internet and one that to be equally essential and the most significant challenge for the IoT. As Increase the number of connected devices increases the opportunity to exploit security vulnerabilities, as poorly designed IoT devices can expose user data to theft by leaving data streams inadequately protected.A latest research claims that by 2020, 25% of cyber attacks will target IoT devices.

Major security issues in iot have been raised that the IoT is being developed rapidly without appropriate consideration of the profound security challenges involved.Most of the technical security concerns are similar to those of conventional servers, workstations and smartphones. Security is the biggest concern in adopting Internet of things technology. As the Internet of things spreads widely, cyber attacks are likely to become an increasingly physical threat.The vulnerabilities include weak authentication (IoT devices are being used with default credentials), unencrypted messages sent between devices, lack of verification or encryption of software updates.

Regulations and Standards:
One of the key drivers of the IoT is data. The success of the idea of connecting devices to make them more efficient is dependent upon access to and storage & processing of data. Companies working on the IoT collect data from multiple sources and store it for further processing.Lack of proper Reguation and standards will open up the possibility for for privacy and security dangers. IoT regulation depends on the country. Several standards for the IoT industry are actually being established relating to automobiles because most concerns arising from use of connected cars apply to healthcare devices as well. Lack of standards and documented best practices have a greater impact than just limiting the potential of IoT devices.These are because of still early days for IoT in government and unclear business models, despite strong value proposition.Without the right standards to guide and regulate manufacturers the developers may design products that operate in disruptive ways and If they are configured or designed poorly, these devices may have huge consequences on resources they connect.

Lack of Interoperability:
Another one of the main internet of things challenges is IoT devices lacking interoperability. With numerous vendors, OEMs, and service providers in IoT business, it has become really difficult to maintain interoperability between different IoT systems.Sensors and connectivity are the integral components of IoT. But not every IoT soutions are equipped with advanced sensors and networking capabilities to effectively communicate and share data between different builds and manafucturers. It will be really challenging to identify a easy solution for this. However from end user perspective this is a really needed capability in a IoT devices.

Shahiba Kabeel
Few of Project management sample links are available in link1,link2,link3,link4,link5

answer Jan 30 by Shahiba Kabeel