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Global IoT Summit 2018
Oct 31, 2018
The Leela Palace, Bangalore

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Why IoT? What’s driving you to this particular phenomenon and this specific time?

+1 vote
posted Apr 2, 2018 by M Tuba Farheen

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1 Answer

0 votes

I don’t know what your position is, but this is what the world looks like to me in 2017, where we have four or five vectors that appear to be accelerating and converging and driving everything going on in computing in the next couple of decades.

Those vectors include social human interaction, elastic cloud computing, big data (not the amount of data, but the computational metaphor), artificial intelligence, and finally IoT. Those are the horses that we’re riding, and those vectors appear to be converging. So that’s kind of what we see as the big picture, and the general problem that we set out to solve. With those technologies, we’re able to solve classes of problems that were previously unsolvable

answer Apr 3, 2018 by Bindhu M