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Oct 31, 2018
The Leela Palace, Bangalore

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What advice can you give to the students or professionals who are interested in a career in IoT?

+2 votes
posted Jul 18 by Sushma S L

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2 Answers

+1 vote

The best advice is, “there couldn’t be a better time to redefine your careers”. An early entry into emerging market will definitely be better as most of the organisations are in exploratory mode. IoT has been disrupting existing business and markets. New opportunities are being created and at the same time, existing roles are becoming obsolete.

answer Jul 19 by Lakshmi L Menda
0 votes

Start from basics. You can do loT of home automation's using Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards. Few of them are listed below.

IoT Projects:

  1. Led lighting with Raspberry Pi
  2. Blinking or flashing LED
  3. Use Cayenne Trigger
  4. Home Security email using raspberry pi
  5. Home security system with raspberry pi and motion detection camera

Some of the open source IoT platforms that you can use for the projects are listed here.
Cayenne and blynk are the common ones and their key difference are available in the article.

Shahiba Kabeel

answer Nov 21 by Shahiba Kabeel