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Cloud Computing and Carbon Footprints: Why Cloud Solutions Are Green Solutions?

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posted Sep 26, 2018 by Hisham

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1 Answer

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A lot of people in the IT industry have an intuitive grasp of how cloud computing processes make business systems greener, but some concrete studies are shoring up this idea, which has grown along with the new emergence of diversified cloud computing systems from a wide variety of vendors.

One case in point is a recent article on a study from the International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management conducted by the University of Applied Science, Upper Austria. Scientists monitored a particular case study where a business saved over 50% of its carbon footprint by utilizing cloud computing solutions, specifically, electronic invoicing.

As this study points out, the cloud delivers a two-point solution for really cutting down on traditional energy costs. The first point is in moving invoicing and other processes from paper to digital platforms, so that businesses don't need to invest in cutting down more trees and shipping the wood pulp, then the paper, around the world. The second point is in redistributing server hardware and other resources to make systems more efficient.

answer Sep 27, 2018 by Shalini Das