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Global IoT Summit 2018
Oct 31, 2018
The Leela Palace, Bangalore

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What are some compelling use cases for the Internet of Things?

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posted Oct 31, 2018 by Sushma S L

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1 Answer

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From a Smart home/Connected Home perspective, they are

Security - Security cameras and Sensors can Alert users of intrusions via Mobile App notifications, Emails, SMS etc. The intrusion is recorded via cameras and could be a source of evidence for the Police investigation
Energy Savings - A good example is a NEST Thermostat, turns off or goes into Power saving mode when it detects everyone has left home and does not need to keep the temperature high enough. Smart Plugs can be used to turn on and off equipment connected to them, for example you could receive an Alert when a Smrtplug connected to an iron box has been ON for an unusually longer time
Luxury - Amazon Echo (Alexa) is a good example,
- Alexa, Turn off the Lights
- Alexa, Open Garage Door
Although, these are not the compelling ones, you can start imagining what the possibilities are given the above drivers

answer Nov 5, 2018 by Asma Nooren P