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Oct 31, 2018
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How do I start learning about IoT? Which book is best for IoT?

0 votes
posted Nov 22, 2018 by M Tuba Farheen

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2 Answers

0 votes

First thing, You need to define your area of Interest?

Hardware/Electronics/ [Smart & Connected Devices, Wearable Devices] where you will be involved in the design and development of devices consumer or industrial.

  • Embedded with sensors, Processors and Internet connectivity mostly Battery operated.
  • Devices which will be attached to an ordinary-everyday object and convert them into a SMART object.
  • Devices designed for particular application to address a specific set of issues or problems
  • Devices which simplifies our day-to-day life and boost productivity and efficiency.
  • Software/Web/Apps [IoT cloud platforms, Cloud Computation and analysis, Data Science]

Building IoT cloud platforms for processing such a large amount of data.
Designing Apps and Web platforms for triggering other internet services.
Developing Protocols, Frameworks or even OS specifically made for IoT application.
After going through the above mentioned, You will get an idea what you truly want to pursue? Once that is clear, you can navigate in the right direction.

Following are the few books which, I think you can start with.

Learning the Internet of Things:

Designing the Internet of Things:

The Silent Intelligence: The Internet of Things :

answer Nov 23, 2018 by Bindhu M
0 votes

Buy a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.
Start doing basic IoT projects
You can use free IoT platforms for your projects.
Raspberry pi is an powerful device and if you python programming you can do amazing things.

sample IoT projects are available in below ink.
You can use cayenne, blynk for these projects.


Shahiba Kabeel

answer Dec 4, 2018 by Shahiba Kabeel