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Global IoT Summit 2018
Oct 31, 2018
The Leela Palace, Bangalore

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What are the biggest challenges that the Internet of Things (IoT) will face in the future according to you?

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posted Dec 3 by Meghana K S

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2 Answers

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Some of the biggest IoT challenges that will likely be witnessed in 2018 are:


Even though IoT is progressing vigorously, it can be expected that the progress might be a bit a slow in the coming years. Most probably, the chief reason is lack of standardization in handling unstructured data and lack of technical skills to use top-tier tools. These challenges become tougher if high-end companies do not set any standards.


The most interesting yet concerning facts about IoT is that it will be totally engraved into our lives. What gets more challenging is our information and assets that won’t be much secure in the long run.

If IoT testing becomes a common practice, we will be able to deal with many of the existing challenges. However, the security-related concerns might alert the stakeholders about the importance of software testing as well as IoT testing in order to create unbreakable cyber walls.


The future will be all about billions of things being connected to the internet and trillions would be spent on them. But, this mega interlinking of connections will likely rebel the prevailing communication modules and top-of-the-line technologies.


Expectedly, huge IoT connectivity would be a hurdle in security and privacy patterns. Hence, it is crucial that there should be a compatible hardware and software design. Otherwise, it won’t work out.

answer 6 days ago by Sushma S L
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Adoption of best IoT security Practices:

This will be the key turning point or deciding factor on how our world is going to run in future. There should be defined standards for all IoT enabled products & have to undergo strict security testing which will ensure that data is safe & at the same time we don’t end up like a Judgement day in Terminator. Cyber attacks is increasing , the major concerns from consumer is regarding security of IoT devices. We have to look from bother software & physical side of security. At the same time the device can be hacked through software, all the devices are vulnerable physically also. We are expecting the industry to respond , considering this as the priority and deploy the latest security technologies and adopt security best practices. We can see already few of the government security agencies & organization are collaboratively working on these.

Shahiba Kabeel

answer 6 days ago by Shahiba Kabeel