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What is the difference between M2M and Internet of things?

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posted Dec 20, 2018 by Abhilasha Yadav

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1 Answer

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What’s most important for operators to understand is that while M2M and IoT both refer to devices communicating with each other, M2M refers to isolated instances of device-to-device communication, and IoT refers to a grander scale, synergizing vertical software stacks to automate and manage communications between multiple devices.

Operators that want to support IoT must now position themselves to be as vendor-agnostic as possible, managing multiple connections from varying communication protocols so that their subscribers can enjoy all the newest gadgets that fit into their smart-home society. There are some complications when managing varying standards, but as long as there’s an IP connection, and the right software to support wired or wireless communication, devices within IoT can communicate with each other.

answer Dec 21, 2018 by Navya V