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What is Artificial Intelligence and why gain a AI certification in this domain?

+2 votes
posted Jan 4 by Abhilasha Yadav

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1 Answer

0 votes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently the hottest buzzword in tech. And with good reason—the last few years have seen a number of techniques that have previously been in the realm of science fiction slowly transform into reality. Experts look at artificial intelligence as a factor of production which has the potential to introduce new sources of growth and change the way work is done across industries. According to the report How AI Boosts Industry Profits and Innovations, AI is predicted to increase economic growth by an average of 1.7 percent across 16 industries by 2035. The report goes on to say that, by 2035, AI technologies could increase labor productivity by 40 percent or more, there by doubling economic growth in 12 developed nations that continue to draw talented and experienced professionals to work in this domain.

answer Jan 7 by Richa Agrawal