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Do we really need AI? How to avoid AI ruling us?

+1 vote
posted Jan 9 by Navya V

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1 Answer

0 votes

This is a complex question, in the more general sense do we need Facebook and Social Media. I think the genie is out of the bag now with AI and there is no way to put it back, it is coming, and it will be very hard to stop it. The changes that AI will make to society are profound – Self-driving cars, Call Centers with no people, automated operations, automated doctors etc. It will be more disruptive to
society than the industrial revolution, it can be for the good of society or the bad, that is our choice at the end of the day. For the telecommunications networks of the future AI will absolutely be needed to dive automation, however, the effects on society of AI will be far more profound than this.

Can it be controlled, well I think the first question will be how can we avoid being too dependent on it? Imagine a world of self-drive cars, delivery vans etc. and the system goes down. In the longer team, it will very hard to understand the answers that AI delivers so working out how to control it may well be beyond our capacity.

answer Jan 10 by M Tuba Farheen