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What are the most powerful Internet of Things companies?

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posted Jan 14, 2019 by Hisham

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4 Answers

0 votes
  1. Amazon Web Service
  2. ARM
  3. AT&T
  4. Ayla
  5. Bosch
  6. Cisco
  7. Dell
  8. Fujitsu
  9. GE
  10. Google
  11. Hitachi
answer Jan 16, 2019 by Latha Shree N
0 votes

Some of the major IoT platforms are listed below

Google Cloud IoT
AWS IoT Core
Microsoft Azure IoT
IBM Watson IoT
Bosch IoT Suite
Dell IoT
Salesforce IoT
Oracle IoT cloud platform

Above has given you IoT Platform companies list , To more about Top IoT platform Companies features refer

There are free IoT platforms available also like

Kaa IoT platform

Shahiba Kabeel

answer Jan 16, 2019 by Shahiba Kabeel
0 votes

There are many IoT based companies depending upon the requirement. IoT is a vast and emerging field. QLIKTAG - an IoT Connected Smart Products platform for everyday consumer products

answer Jan 23, 2019 by anonymous
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Internet of Things has taken the world by storm. It involves extending Internet connectivity beyond standard devices. Below listed companies provides the best powerful IoT development services.






answer Dec 2, 2019 by Sarah Johnson