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Why are microservice applications essential for IoT gateway Architecture?

+1 vote
posted Feb 11 by Ashley Thomas

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1 Answer

0 votes
  • Microservice in IoT gateway refers to many small services, every micro service represents to a specific task or application and all services can communicate with each other.
  • It allows further changes in the system according to the requirement, as it is not a monolithic structure. It allows each service to be initiated and managed independently. There is no necessity of making changes in the whole structure.
  • There are containers assigned for each service. Containers basically refer to a system which contains all resources and information about applications’ software update and running procedures. Any application can be run independently without the execution of the whole program. It gives benefits in optimizing the response time of the system.
  • There is no need for recompilation, as container consists of an inbuilt run-time environment (API, library files, application specifications, and other tools).
  • It is a scalable platform which helps in the growth of any business by enabling flexibility and adaptability to the dynamic requirements of the product in the market.
answer Feb 12 by Chandana L V