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How to enable Communication or Network Security in IoT Gateways?

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posted Feb 13 by Richa Agrawal

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1 Answer

0 votes
  • Channel-based communication using sub-channels such as data channel, control channel, management channel can enable secure communication. For example, security policy management and event monitoring messages need to be segregated at each level of communication.
  • State-based management of a system is the most prominent way to secure the system. State analysis enables the ability of a system to react to unauthorized access requests.
  • Categorization of unauthorized and authorized devices and applications that are engaged with the system.Geo-fencing of devices for unauthorized movement analysis.
  • When a gateway receives a flood of messages, it can be overwhelmed in one form of a “distributed denial of services” or DDoS attack. Anti-jamming technology can be used to address certain forms of these attacks.
answer Feb 14 by Archana D R