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How can IoT Gateway Mesh Networking add Values in Industry 4.0?

+1 vote
posted Feb 14 by Hisham

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1 Answer

0 votes

Consider a particular industry unit that has many gateways working at various parts due to a number of smart devices and machines. All these gateways are connected to each other by forming a mesh network and enable a peer-to-peer communication. Gateways situated nearby or Geo- correlated gateways can be pre-configured as a cluster of gateways that can solve the issue of IT/OT Convergence.

This clustering enables distributed edge analytics. The distributed edge nodes allow processing of data at the edge before transferring it to the cloud. This reduces latency. The edge-filtered data can be sent to the fog node or cloud directly for post-event processing. Further, the individual cluster creates a fog node, and a combination of fog nodes allow distributed fog computing. It gives the benefit of fast and real-time data analysis in any large industrial area, enabling faster fault response time.

answer Feb 15 by Latha Shree N