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What communication and authentication protocols does AWS IoT support?

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posted Feb 18 by Anusha B

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1 Answer

0 votes

For control plane operations, AWS IoT Core supports HTTPS. For data plane operations, AWS IoT Core supports HTTPS, WebSockets, and secure MQTT – a protocol often used in IoT scenarios.

HTTPS and WebSockets requests sent to AWS IoT Core are authenticated using AWS IAM or AWS Cognito, both of which support the AWS SigV4 authentication. If you are using the AWS SDKs or the AWS CLI, the SigV4 authentication is taken care of for you under the hood. HTTPS requests can also be authenticated using X.509 certificates. MQTT messages to AWS IoT Core are authenticated using X.509 certificates.

With AWS IoT Core you can use AWS IoT Core generated certificates, as well as those signed by your preferred Certificate Authority (CA).

answer Feb 19 by Bindhu M