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Oct 31, 2018
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What will likely be the hardest changes many ISVs will have to make to capitalize on the IIoT/IoT trends?

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posted Feb 22, 2019 by M Tuba Farheen

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1 Answer

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Security is the number one challenge – ISVs need to ensure data remains secure at all times. Legacy infrastructures are another challenge that must be addressed to make room for the billions of devices coming online in the next few years. According to the NBASE-T Alliance, for example, there are more than 70 billion meters of Cat5 and 6 cabling that’s been installed since 1999. That’s 10 meters for every person on earth. And, when you consider how disruptive it would be for companies to stop operations, rip out their legacy cabling and replace it with fiber at $100+ per drop, it’s just not feasible. In some cases, wireless technologies that support the IEEE-approved standard, 802.3bz, can be used in conjunction with legacy wired infrastructures to achieve throughput up to 5x greater than what was previously possible.

With so many different devices coming online, getting them all to communicate with one another is another challenge ISVs will face. When one device is updated to a new version, does this require all other devices to be upgraded?

A final point to keep in mind is what to do with all the data that’s generated by the IoT devices? There are expenses involved with storing and maintaining the data. Plus, once it’s been analyzed, ISVs must consider how some data should be archived or deleted after a particular time.

answer Feb 25, 2019 by Saniya Sadaf M