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Python Programming in Data Science

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Q. What is Python?

Python is a general purpose Programming Language. It is attractive as a scripting language. It is used to develop both desktop & web applications. In this programmers can express concepts in fewer lines of code than the languages such as C++, or Java.

Python Programming

Q. Characteristics of Python?

1. It has dynamic semantics for Web & App development.

2. Its syntax readable, clear & simple which helps beginners to understand the code   

    Quickly. Quick learning leads to productive use of time.

3. In Python, both library & the interpreter are available free of charge & so developers don’t need to pay high development costs.

4. With Python, one can perform Data Analysis & Data Visualization.

5. It has automatic memory management.

6. It provides a programmer quick feedback.

7. As it is open source, one can easily download it from its websites, change it, use it & even distribute it.

8. A programmer neither needs to remember the system architecture nor to manage the memory which makes it programmer friendly.

9. It is a portable language as Python Code can be run on any machine & there is no necessity to write different code for different machines.

10. It models the real world & hence it is object oriented. It focuses on objects & combines data & functions. It makes Python ‘procedure oriented’ & ‘object oriented language’.

11. Some of the Python code can be written in other languages like C++ & Java which makes it extensible.

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Q. What is AI?

It is the ability of a computer to think & learn. Example, doing calculations. It means a machine which mimics human thought process. Currently, the term is used for understanding human speech, self-driving cars & in interpretation of complex data. AI is working to make Computer Programs which can learn & solve problems by thinking logically. AI wants to create ‘Intelligence Machines’ which will work & react like human beings.

Q. What is Data Science?

It is blend of data inference, algorithm development & technology to solve analytically complex problems. In this Data Scientists investigates leads & try to understand pattern & characteristics within data. In this Data analysis is done in fields like Data Mining & Statistics. It is a big field as it is not restricted to Big Data as Big Data solutions are more focused on organizing & pre-processing the data rather than analyzing it. It uses scientific methods, processes & systems to extract knowledge from data in various forms, similar to Data Mining & Big Data. Data Science applies Mathematical & Statistical ideas & computer tools for processing Big Data.

Data Science in Pune

posted Feb 25 by Paras Arora

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