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What experience-oriented AI innovations are coming down the road?

+2 votes
posted Feb 26 by Asma Nooren P

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1 Answer

0 votes

Two different technologies really excite me.

One of them is predictive analytics. These are algorithms that use past data to make predictions about the future. Banks are using these algorithms all the time, to judge if a borrower is likely to default on a loan.

The potential for predictive analytics for care experiences is enormous. Imagine if your health system could anticipate patient needs, instead of just reacting to them. What if you could foresee, on a population level, when you’d need to expand clinical capacity, and when you could afford to trim it down? Predictive analytics could make that possible.

The second technology with undeniable potential is personalized experience engines. Think of how Netflix or Spotify makes recommendations to you—and picture how helpful that could be for patients.

With such a tool, your system could create a concierge care-experience for any patient who walked in your door. It would be mass personalization.

It almost sounds utopian. And indeed, this kind of technology is of a much higher order of complexity than what we have today. But there’s no doubt in my mind that such innovations are coming—likely in the next five years.

answer Mar 1 by Saniya Sadaf M