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What are the techniques of artificial intelligence?

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posted Sep 19, 2017 by Sushma S L

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2 Answers

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Techniques used

According to the area of research, different techniques, mostly from the field of Artificial Intelligence, are applied:

Natural Language Processing

  • Finite State Morphology
  • Parsing and Generation Techniques
  • Techniques for Speech Synthesis

Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine
- Multilayer perceptrons as nonlinear classifiers and estimators
- Gaussian mixture models
- Hidden Markov models
- Kernel methods
- Bayesian networks
- Netalg: Neural Network tool box for R

Cognitive Modelling

  • Connectionist models (neural networks)
  • Pulsed neural networks
  • Neuronal modelling based on differential equations

Knowledge-Based Systems

  • Temporal data abstraction
  • Intelligent information visualization, metaphor graphics
  • Integration of information technology with telecommunication
answer Sep 20, 2017 by Ashley Thomas
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In the real world, the knowledge has some unwelcome properties −

Its volume is huge, next to unimaginable.
It is not well-organized or well-formatted.
It keeps changing constantly.

AI Technique is a manner to organize and use the knowledge efficiently in such a way that −

It should be perceivable by the people who provide it.
It should be easily modifiable to correct errors.
It should be useful in many situations though it is incomplete or inaccurate.

AI techniques elevate the speed of execution of the complex program it is equipped with.

answer Jul 10, 2018 by Manohar Parakh