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Is machine learning the same thing as artificial intelligence?

+1 vote
posted Oct 5, 2017 by Ashley Thomas

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1 Answer

0 votes

Well, actually, these words can mean different things to different people, but essentially, artificial intelligence (AI) is a loose term for computer programs that try to solve the kind of problems that humans find easy, like telling a story about what’s happening in a picture. One of the cool things that humans also do easily is learn from examples. And that’s what machine learning programs try to do, too: teach computers to learn from examples.

The cool thing is when we work out how to make these computer programs, we can sometimes scale them up to handle a lot of data really fast, and then we can solve really hard problems like mastering Go, routing everyone through traffic simultaneously, optimising energy usage nationwide and, of course, my favourite, finding you the best Search results on Google.

answer Oct 6, 2017 by Archana D R